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SAC Songwriting and Blogging Challenge 2015 – Time to STRETCH

February 16, 2015

photoThe 2015 SAC Songwriting Challenge has come at the perfect time for me. I was needing a push-a structured environment to help me re-focus on my craft and to put songwriting back on my priority list.

Creating time each day to listen to the other songwriters’ Soundcloud links and to read their blogs has been inspiring. Such great talent out there is both awesome and inspiring!

To date, songwriting for me has been a “solo sport”. One where I write songs only for me to sing. The Pat Pattison SAC challenge of 2013 pushed me out of my comfort zone experimenting with different musical styles and different approaches to songwriting (writing from a title) but I still only wrote for me.                                                                                                           I have to admit, writing a song for others and writing a song solely to pitch is something I would never attempt to do unless pushed to do so. So……THANK YOU to this SAC challenge for pushing me out of my comfort zone……..l am looking forward to seeing where I end up……..

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