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Week #5 “Informed Inspiration”

April 13, 2013

Toolbox Cake

“Informed Inspiration”

I am still processing all the information and songwriting tools presented by Pat Pattison during week 5 of his Berklee Songwriting Course. The 14 video classes contained very specific tools to help along the creative process-or as Pat says “combining the head and the heart.”

I must admit I found this difficult to do. Almost like I was cheating on my creativity by stepping outside “the zone” to look at a worksheet of rhymes, or to look at whether the melodic note I had chosen was stable or unstable.

I had to step back and approach the technical aspects of the lessons the same way I would approach my vocal training. I have a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance which means I have a whole toolbox full of technique. Technique (or tools) I can pick and choose from depending on what song I am about to sing.

Looking at week 5 from this angle, why not be able to approach the craft of songwriting the same way? So….while I felt the exercises technical in nature, I found the concepts themselves fascinating and they have opened up a world of options!!

At this point I could go on and on about sonic connections and search engines…..but I think that’s another blog……now for the assignment itself….

Starting with only a title and working through the exercises Pat gave us was a completely new way for me to write a song. I thought as long as I was outside my comfort zone, I might as well try writing in a genre I had never tackled before.

It felt a  bit like an intellectual exercise that ended up in a song. Is this a song I will end up finishing and adding into my repertoire? Dunno……

But what I do know is that eventually these two seemingly unlikely partners of intellect and creative instinct will play nicely together. And in the meantime… is my first attempt titled “The End”.


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