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Week 2 of Pat Pattison’s Songwriting Course and SAC Blogging Challenge

March 17, 2013

The adventure in songwriting continues as we build on the foundational tools Pat Pattison set in place last week.

A great song starts with a story that the songwriter feels need to be told. Last week Pat walked us through the tools necessary to develop our story.

So….now we have a story……how do we turn it into a great song??


“How everything fits together to support the central message of the song.”

This week’s video lessons introduced us to STABLE AND UNSTABLE – our friends that determine number of lines and length of lines in our verse/chorus that affect the feeling of the song.

I took a look at some of the songs I had written in the past and sure enough, there they were! Unstable verses pressing the song towards the chorus for completion as well as stable choruses completing the intent of the song.  It’s great to know this is actually a technique I can now call upon to help me in what I want to say! Or as Pat says “this tool of balanced/unbalanced gives the songwriter a say in where the song is going.”

So (finally) to this week’s blogging assignment-The idea I chose for an unstable verse that moves into a stable chorus.

I chose the story of heartache (a breakup not of one’s choosing). A subject that is uneasy and uncomfortable told within a 3 lined (unbalanced and unstable) verse. This unbalanced verse edges towards the stable (balanced) chorus that completes the thought-or-a balanced statement of fact.

So here goes!

piano pic476kbAt peace in my slumber I lie here in bed – Forgetting the heartache and morning I dread – When I will wake up alone.

It’s too close to morning – I can’t stop the time. I wish I could wake up – And you were still mine.


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  1. Hi Jennifer, I think you are using this Coursera thing in exactly the right way…now you can name what you’re already doing, and you can call up these techniques when needed. Your lines are lovely…I’d like to hear them…I’m curious as to how you’ve set them. I might be tempted to write “I know I’ll wake up alone” for line 3, to stay away from accenting the ‘when’ and make it slightly more conversational…but that’s just when I’m reading it down… Do you have it recorded? Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Debra,
      Thank you for your feedback. “I know I’ll wake up” flows much better than “When I will wake up”
      I haven’t recorded it (or even finished the song for that matter). I was beginning to stress about having to come up with a finished product so I backed up and decided to just focus on the assignment at hand. I will definitely finish this one though-it’s off to an interesting start! I”ll keep you posted…..
      Thanks again.

  2. Lovely lyric. Very promising. Great job!

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